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Spent the next couple hours making our way through the maze of fencing and security checkpoints. By this time, the crowds were growing, people were assembling, and the Inauguration was full steam ahead. 


The signs were creative and they were plenty. Everything up to this point was civil and everyone was doing their part to voice their displeasure or support depending what side you found yourself on. 




We made it to the lawn. Snap some shots. And headed the opposite direction. I did not want to get stuck in the masses for the show. 


Grabbed some much needed lunch. Felt good to sit down. Haven't been off my feet since the Metro at 4:30AM. In the end I shot roughly 5 rolls of B&W on the Xpan and 5 rolls of color on the Nikon F100 (coming soon). In the end, it was a good day. Felt good to be out shooting. Breathe.