ShutterTwinz Photography

professional photographers / professional twins

inauguration 2017 film

Hasselblad Xpan / 45mm f4

Lights Camera Action

Lights Camera Action


Well, that was my intention anyway. After setting my alarm for 3:30...PM!!!, I frantically showered, dressed, grabbed my belongings and hit the road. Met up with Brandon around 4:30AM and off we went. Arrived at the Metro. Was an eerily quiet and easy ride downtown. This gave us time to get our film loaded and our shit together before we hit the ground running. Felt good to be out shooting. 


Made it downtown. Met up with some friends and off we went. We quickly found ourselves at one of the many security checkpoints and decided to follow the heard. What we didn't know, was we'd be standing at this checkpoint for the next two, painful hours before being let in. Breathe. Felt good to be out shooting. 


The other side....finally

Don't turn you back

Don't turn you back


Well that was fun. We were quickly shuttled through security and I turned to see the aftermath. A lone trench coat waits for his companion. Upon entry, the streets were deserted. Only a fraction of the mayhem that awaits on the outside. Security personal performing last minute checks and measures. 


Coffee. Check. Felt whole again. Tiny rain drops started falling. Still the streets felt empty. People were being moved along the inside perimeter like cattle. All I could think of was World War Z.