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Monochrom Madness

Got my greedy little mitts on a Leica Monochrom and took it out for its paces. What a wonderful, masterful, piece of art. Shooting with a rangefinder is already liberating to some, but when you remove all color options, it's next level liberating. You begin to see the world in shades of grey and this alone changes when and where you decide to click the shutter. When shooting B&W you look for emotion and contrast. The image must stand on it's own, without the assistance of bright, flashy colors to distract and confuse. Can you shoot B&W with just about any camera? Absolutely. But, there are many reasons the Leica Monochrom just does it better than your average B&W conversions. The main ones being sharpness and dynamic range. The "coolness" factor of this camera knows no bounds. Unfortunately, I will have to give it back to my brother at some point. For now, it's mine. 


For those that may not know what G.A.S. means, let me spell it out for you; Gear Acquisition Syndrome. I was first diagnosed several years ago when I walked into Circuit City and bought my first DSLR. It has been a turbulent ride ever since. I enjoy the hunt. The endless drive to find the next addition. The thrill of new gear. There is no cure for G.A.S.. It is something I will forever have to live with.....

The Move

It's official, I sold the Leica M6 and made the move to the Leica M8.2. So far, so good. I do enjoy the instant gratification of reviewing images and the amount of time saved on the digital platform. I would have loved to keep the M6, but it's not in my budget to have more than one Leica at this time. I will still shoot film, mostly medium format, but this was a move to simplify my work flow. And so far, it has. 

Film Diaries #3

One day I will have the time necessary to really make this a priority. Until then, I will post when I can. A lot has been going on since last I posted. I sold my beloved Leica M3 and picked up a minty Leica M6 / Summicron 50mm f2. Much like the M3, it is a beautiful machine that is as much to be admired as it is a joy to shoot. We are likely going to mix things up in the near future and make the move to Leica exclusively. While we have had fun with the Fuji's, they just don't evoke that "feeling" when shooting the way the Leica's inherently do. 

Antique PhotoWalk

Recently I have found myself using every spare hour attempting to hone my craft. This past weekend I had three hours. I traveled north to a small town with my new Fuji X-T1 and 23mm prime. I walked the streets at my own pace with nothing in mind. I was practicing patience. I waited for shots to present themselves and fought the urge to fire the shutter without meaning. Some of my favorite photos were taken in the many antique shops scattered throughout. It was a good my own pace.