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Alpha Rolls

I'm a huge proponent of all things film. I love the look, the variability, and the process. I was an early backer of CineStill Film and recently received my alpha rolls of CineStill 800T. A plain, white packaging. Nothing crazy. Looked like any other 120 film at this point. The folks at CineStill were fairly good about updates and concerns up to the final release of the film. I appreciated that. Upon seeing some of the initial photos produced with this film, I began to wonder if it was something I would use. It was being advertised as a tungsten based film (which it is), to be used in low-light, street situations, under specific lighting. Or at least that is how I was reading it. None of which I typically shot. But, being that I love all things film, I was willing to give it a shot...

I've put two rolls through my Pentax 67. The first roll, I went against everything CineStill said not to do. And the results were fantastic. That's not a knock on CineStill, I'm sure the results are equally incredible, if not more so, by following the "rules". I wanted to use the film as I use all my film, and shoot it the way I shoot. There were tweaks to be made (mostly color) which I anticipated due to the tungsten balance of the film, but other than that, I was taken aback by the sharpness and detail the film provided. It's good stuff. In fact, I would put in on par with any other 400/800 film on the market in this regard. Will I purchase this film over Portra400/FujiFilm 400H, probably not. But having a few rolls in the fridge for specific events or just something different is well worth it. 

I commend CineStill for their hard work and dedication to this wonderful art. I wish them much success. Keep it alive. -STZ