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Stand Development (Semi-stand) - Initial thoughts

Get a Grip

Get a Grip

Most everyone that dabbles in the analog world has heard of, or at the very least, tried stand development. Should you?

Short answer, yes. Any opportunity to learn a new process and add another tool to the tool box is worth it, at least in my opinion. The process is fairly idiot proof, which is good for me. It is extremely forgiving. If done correctly, yields fantastic results with minimal input from you. The negatives come out nice and dense. The highlights and grain are controlled, shadows have detail. There is a perceived increase in detail as well. For me, this process is something I'll probably start doing more often. It does take a bit longer, but the results are worth it. 


Kodak HC-110 (1:100) 6ml solution: 600ml distilled H2O. Solution at 70 degrees. 

Ultrafine Xtreme 400 (120)  

- pre wash 1min

- develop 60min : Agitate first 60s. Agitate gently every 20min after. 

- wash for 2-3min

- fix for 5min

- final wash 5min : PhotoFlo for last minute.