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Hasselblad Xpan ; First Impressions

I've had my eye on the Hasselblad Xpan for many years. It was with great pain I sold my beloved Leica M8.2 to get my hands on this beautiful machine. Having never handled the Xpan, I was extremely impressed with the build and quality of camera body and lenses. The system I purchased came with the 45mm f/4 and 90mm f/4. All images posted are with the 45mm. There is definitely a learning curve when moving to this "odd" format. It's one thing to fill the frame with a standard format camera, but to fill this frame, with interest, from east to west is a challenge to say the least. I don't intend to shoot in pano mode exclusively, since I do believe it can be overdone and in some instances overkill. But with the flip of a switch I can toggle between standard format and pano. I look forward to using the Xpan as my full time replacement for my Leica. Happy shooting.