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Monochrom Madness

Got my greedy little mitts on a Leica Monochrom and took it out for its paces. What a wonderful, masterful, piece of art. Shooting with a rangefinder is already liberating to some, but when you remove all color options, it's next level liberating. You begin to see the world in shades of grey and this alone changes when and where you decide to click the shutter. When shooting B&W you look for emotion and contrast. The image must stand on it's own, without the assistance of bright, flashy colors to distract and confuse. Can you shoot B&W with just about any camera? Absolutely. But, there are many reasons the Leica Monochrom just does it better than your average B&W conversions. The main ones being sharpness and dynamic range. The "coolness" factor of this camera knows no bounds. Unfortunately, I will have to give it back to my brother at some point. For now, it's mine.