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Bottom Up

Like most photographers of my/our generation, we are learning on a digital platform. I honed my skills on a Sony Alpha system a little more than 4-5 years ago. As my interests grew, I realized my equipment would have to grow with me. Over these many years I have amassed quite a bit of....stuff. Not thinking it would make me a better photographer, but knowing that there are certain tools one needs to progress in this field.

As of this past Sunday, I traded away my Canon 5DMkII for a Leica M3. How did this happen? At this stage, I find myself moving backwards...not forwards in terms of technology. But I feel I started on the wrong foot to begin with and I am starting to feel what I felt when I first started this journey....a true love for the craft. No longer are my goals getting my shots online as quickly as possible, but taking my time and learning along the way.   

  Canon FT QL / Arista Premium 400   

 Canon FT QL / Arista Premium 400